Tony O’Flaherty has been a printer all his life. Many years ago when his sister died all too young, he was shocked at the lack of choice and quality of memorial cards that were available at the time.

He decided then that he would design and print a range of cards that would truly reflect the needs of those who wished to mark the passing of their loved ones.

From small beginnings, the business has grown and prints for customers all over the world. He has never lost the feeling that he had when trying to source cards for his sister and knows the difficulties that can arise when making a purchase of this kind. Whether online or in person, he and his staff are available to assist in helping you choose the right Card, Verse and photograph for your loved one’s card and will ensure that it is produced to the highest quality and delivered on time.

We hope you find our site useful and if you have any suggestion on how we could improve it, please feel fee to contact us. Come back from time to time as we will be adding new designs and verses as well as innovative memorial products that we hope you will like.

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